All You Need To Know About KGF

All You Need To Know About KGF Chapter 1, KGF Chapter 2, KGF Cast, Movie Story, Dialogues, Performers, box-office collection

All You Need To Know About KGF
All You Need To Know About KGF Chapter 1, KGF Chapter 2, KGF Cast, Movie Story, Dialogues, Performers, box-office collection


KGF Chapter 1 brings together the elements that people like to watch the most in movies today namely, mafia, gangsters, politics, money, and power. The story is very simple, it is about the rise of one man to the pinnacles of power and influence using all means available to him.

In the quest for power, the lines are often blurred, there is no right or wrong, good or evil, there is only Power and those too weak to seek it.

The backdrop to KGF is the Kolar Gold Fields - a gold mine under the control of a brutal zamindar who first discovered gold and hid it from the government as a limestone quarry. The gold gave him the power, and the muscle, to become an absolute monarch for Kolar.

The power, muscle and the money generated from the gold allowed him to force villagers from the neighboring villages are bonded slave labor in the mines, where they lived and died in it. The film trailer is expected to release on Janaury 8, 2020 on the Occasion of Yash Birthday.


KGF Chapter 2 Cast

  • Yash as Rocky
  • Sanjay Dutt as Adheera
  • Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen (primeminister)
  • Srinidhi Shetty as Reena Desai
  • Anant Nag as Anand Ingalagi
  • Malavika Avinash as Deepa Hegde
  • Saran Sakthi
  • Achyuth Kumar as Guru Pandian
  • Vasishta N. Simha as Kamal
  • Archana Jois as Shanthamma, (Rocky's mother)
  • Ramachandra Raju



Prashanth Neel has taken huge risk in his second part with KGF. He can be considered as visionary director after S.S. Rajamaouli and S.Shankar. First half dedicated to image builder for Yash and last half for execution. Good thing about direction is that Prashanth Neel switched brilliantly from super action sequence with gangster war to Leader of weak people from Gold Mines.


Yash is certain shot the star performer of this first chapter. Since from the start , he carried the momentum and he has all abilities to become next Bahubali of Indian cinema. I feel bad that Srinidhi Shetty didn't get enough frame. Ramachandra Raju as Garuda appear as if Devil and excellent villain for chapter 1.

KGF Script(KGF Story)

Story is basically engaging and entertaining and credit goes to once more captain Prashanth Neel. He used teaching from mother because the way for hero's target within the life. Killing of innocents in Kolar Gold mines used as get link for killing of evil guards ahead of all public. Even climax was really great but it did not triggered wave of curiosity like Bahubali: Beginning.

KGF Chapter 1 Dialogues

Action movie need good dialogue in order that people can enjoy the action sequences with more entertainment. It is really good to ascertain great dialogues in Hindi dubbed version. e.g. “Duniya ki sarvshreshth Yoddha Maa hoti hain”.

Music and Background Score

There was two songs present in Hindi dubbed version. First one was Salaam Rocky Bhai which remind you soundtrack from Bahubali. Second one was Item song by Mouni Roy. Music are often better for Hindi version as we missed music like Bahubali Series. Background score was really impressive one.

KGF Box-office Collection

On Day 1, Zero has earned 20 crores and KGF has earned 18 crores thanks to less number of screen counts. This figure could also be change in coming days or week thanks to better words of mouth.

kgf vs zero box office collection

If you've been waiting eagerly to watch KGF 2, there's a piece of bad news as the producers of KGF: Chapter 2 decided to postpone the release of the film. The explanation behind KGF: the postponement of the release date of Chapter 2 is its post-production work. As per sources, KGF 2 will be published in multiple languages on Independence Day (August 15, 2020).

Conclusion: This movie are often better decide to hang around together with your family and friends.